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Fan hit by falling Wrigley Field scoreboard tile while wearing bucket on head

A fan attending Tuesday’s Chicago Cubs-Arizona Diamondbacks game was injured after being hit by a falling metal tile from Wrigley Field’s centerfield scoreboard. In an odd twist, the fan apparently was shielded from a more serious injury by the plastic bucket he was wearing on his head at the time of the incident.

The 19-year-old fan was hit by a foot-long metal “score-tile,” per the Chicago Tribune. Cubs spokesperson Julian Green indicated the man was treated for his injuries at a nearby hospital, receving five staples to close a wound on his head.

Green added this appears to be the first such incident involving a metal tile becoming dislodged from the scoreboard, which is manually operated. Cubs officials are currently investigating how the tile fell in the first place and whether it occurred due to a member of the scoreboard crew dropping it or if it became dislodged by some other reason.

Green said team officials were investigating whether the tile was dislodged or a worker dropped it while putting it in one of the scoreboard’s panes. The scoreboard is manually operated, with a crew inside hanging numbered tiles.

Either way, thank goodness the fan was wearing that plastic bucket on his head … whatever the reason behind it may have been.