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Dan Quinn knew Julio Jones was ‘coming to camp for a while’

Julio Jones officially reported to training camp with the Atlanta Falcons amid speculation that the All-Pro wide receiver may be a no-show over a contract dispute. And Falcons head coach Dan Quinn claims to have had no worries amid the uncertainty over the potential of a lengthy standoff.

Late Wednesday, the Falcons announced the team and Jones agreed to a contract adjustment believed to increase the wide receiver’s scheduled $10.5 million salary in 2018 by $2 million. Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff indicated the Falcons intend to renegotiate the remaining terms of the deal — three years at $34.426 million — in 2019.

Still, the team and its fans probably are breathing a sigh of relief that Jones is in camp and there’s a plan to deal with the contract issue after the season. Not that Quinn was sweating it.

“I probably didn’t feel the same stress that you and the fan base had,” Quinn said Thursday, via ESPN. “I know there were some reports out regarding him not coming. … I’ve known he was coming to camp for a while. And that’s part of good communication, player to coaches. It wasn’t necessarily where I was not expecting him to be here.”

During Thursday’s news conference, Dimitroff noted the team was “very creative” in putting the adjustment together.

“We were very confident with our communication over the offseason,” Dimitroff said. “As you all know, this is an organization led by [Falcons owner] Arthur Blank who believes in culture, who believes in taking care of business, taking care of our people, taking care of the players in the right away and treating people the right way. Because of that culture, our approach to this, it all fell in line for us. And we felt like we came to a good agreement.”

Jones missed a majority of the Falcons’ offseason program, including mandatory minicamp in June. Regardless of how the Falcons got it done, all that matters is Jones presumably is ready to roll and content with the situation for now.