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Could Tom Brady retire if Patriots win Super Bowl this season?

Tom Brady has acknowledged — albeit reluctantly — that the end is coming to his incredible NFL career sooner rather than later. But could the New England Patriots quarterback seriously contemplate retirement if he wins a sixth championship at Super Bowl LIII?

Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller recently penned an extensive piece on the imminent future of the Patriots dynasty and up to 2020. Brady, who turns 41 in August, obviously will play an integral role in that short-term future depending upon whether he’ll be with the team or not.

Sources “close to his small circle of advisers” have told Bleacher Report that Brady could hang it up and walk off a winner.

“You hear him talk, and you watch the Facebook series [Tom vs Time], and it seriously sounds like a guy who is searching for motivation,” one source said.

Interestingly, the director of Brady’s Facebook documentary expressed similar suspicions earlier this year. That said, Brady has received the green light from wife Gisele to play two more years.

Brady has stated a desire to play until he’s 45. One Patriots staffer would not rule it out.

“I wouldn’t doubt him,” the staffer told Bleacher Report. “This is a guy who has defied every odd to become the greatest football player of all time. If he says 45, I believe him.”

All this talk and speculation comes amid the backdrop of a reported rift between Brady and Bill Belichick, primarily over Alex Guerrero, Brady’s personal trainer. While all parties involved have consistently disputed such a notion, a report last week suggested all is still not well within the Patriots’ power structure. Could that have an impact?

“Maybe the rift with Belichick and his trainer (Alex Guerrero) will be enough to fuel him for a longer run,” a source close to Brady told Bleacher Report.

Brady did profess earlier this week to being “excited as ever” for another season. But how will he feel if the Patriots hoist another Lombardi Trophy? The NFL world will have to wait and see.