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Carson Wentz makes racy joke about honeymoon at training camp (vid)

Carson Wentz was in a loosey-goosey mood on the first official day of training camp with the Philadelphia Eagles. That became abundantly clear when the Eagles signal-caller cracked a joke on Thursday about how he spent his honeymoon.

And let’s just say Wentz had a little fun with the assembled media by using a well-time pause to ace his best stand-up comedian impression.

Wentz of course remains in rehab mode after tearing the ACL in his left knee late last season. While everything seems to be progressing nicely, the Eagles are expected to exercise extreme caution with their franchise quarterback. Although the Eagles elected to not place Wentz on the preseason PUP list despite reports earlier this week indicating otherwise.

Wentz enjoyed a significant moment in his personal life earlier this month when he married the love of his life, Madison Oberg. That became the material for Wentz to make a funny.

While addressing whether or not he’s getting in work on his own to rehab his knee, Wentz mentioned his ability to get some workouts recently way from the team (via

Asked if he worked out during the honeymoon, he said “I got some workouts in,” then smiled.

As the media laughed, he cut back in: “In the fitness center!”


It’s difficult to ascertain how well Wentz delivered his joke, although it must have went well as it did elicit chuckles from reporters. Any good comedian knows a well-crafted one-liner is all about timing. While Wentz has timing and delivery down pat with the pigskin, does he have the skills when it comes to jokes? Hard to say, but it sounds like he nailed it.