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Bucs’ Mike Evans takes shot at Donald Trump over anthem protest criticism

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide Mike Evans on Wednesday criticized President Donald Trump over his persistent criticism of the NFL’s ongoing national anthem protest controversy.

The NFL repeatedly has attempted to exert control over the protest issue, most recently by instituting a new policy on how to handle it. Those efforts have been sidelined as the policy has been temporarily shelved as the league engages in a dialogue with the NFLPA over its implementation.

When news arrived about the NFL backing off the new policy, Trump again blasted the league and Roger Goodell. The President took it a step further by proposing severe punishments for players who refuse to stand during the anthem.

Evans wondered on Wednesday why Trump focuses on the NFL so much when there arguably are issues more worthy of his attention.

“People have different views on different situations in politics. It’s very tricky,” Evans said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “I just saw what Trump said. It seems like he’d have better things to do than that, so I hit him back with that tweet, just as a question.”

Evans is referring to his response to Trump’s above tweet, in which Evans insinuates the President is still bitter over his role in the failed USFL and inability to buy his own NFL team.

“Just a little friendly tweet,” Evans said. “I know he has something. He wants to be a part of the NFL. I’m sure he wanted to be an owner at one point.”

Evans has only participated in two anthem protests over the past two seasons. But like many of his colleagues, Evans believes players should have the right to do so.

Trump of course has immersed himself in the world of professional sports throughout his presidency in unprecedented — not to mention disruptive — fashion. As long as Trump continues to do so, expect athletes to respond in kind.