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Kevin Durant says Donald Trump ‘doesn’t have a soul’

Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant made some inflammatory comments about President Donald Trump during a recent appearance on a podcast, saying the current resident of the White House “doesn’t have a soul.”

Durant was making an appearance Portland Trail Blazers star C.J. McCollum’s Pull Up podcast when the topic of Trump arose.

“He doesn’t have a soul bro. I don’t even know, he don’t have a soul. He doesn’t have a soul,” Durant said of Trump, via Clutch Points. “The stuff he says and does, bro. Like, you gotta have something deep down. . . Something’s missing for you to say that type of stuff.”

Durant has long been a very vocal critic of Trump and his administration — even standing up for ESPN’s Jemele Hill amid her controversies involving the President — so his comments hardly come as a surprise. That said, Durant’s fiery rhetoric surely is provocative.

The Warriors have collectively drawn the ire of Trump as well, beginning when he rescinded an invitation to a White House ceremony honoring them for their 2017 NBA title amid critical comments made by Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry, among others.

Trump preemptively uninvited the Warriors to the White House earlier this summer following their second-consecutive championship, although no one on the team seemed too upset over the slight.

The notion of a professional athlete actively criticizing Trump obviously is a common occurrence in this polarizing political era. And Durant is not the first NBA superstar to refuse to pull any punches when doing so, either. Although Durant does pursue less controversial avenues to make his points on such matters.