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Dwight Howard believes his Hall of Fame resume ‘speaks for itself’ (vid)

Dwight Howard may be burdened in some ways by an arguably checkered legacy. However, the 14-year NBA veteran nevertheless believes he has put up the numbers to land in the Hall of Fame. In fact, Howard argues his résumé “speaks for itself.”

Howard will enter the 2018 NBA season with his sixth team — his third in as many seasons — after officially joining the Washington Wizards earlier this week. The polarizing superstar was approached by a TMZ crew this week and asked about his Hall of Fame credentials.

“I don’t really concern myself with what a lot of people say about me,” Howard said, as transcribed by Dime Mag. “My resume speaks for itself.

“I know what I’ve done in this NBA, in my career. Think I’ve been pretty successful. A lot of times people always want to hate, say something bad about who you are as a player and a person. That’s just really a testament to their character.”

Howard has of course been subjected to a fair share of criticism — some earned, some perhaps not — throughout his career. A fair share of the vitriol espoused by Howard’s naysayers stems from his reputation as a toxic locker room presence. While that may indeed be the case, statistics are an entirely different subject.

Howard has averaged a double-double the entirety of his career (17.4 points, 12.7 rebounds). The superstar also boasts eight All-Star nods, eight All-NBA selections (five first-team) and is a three-time Defensive Player of they Year.

And when some of Howard’s numbers are put up against players already enshrined, it would appear he should be a shoo-in for induction. To wit:

It may be difficult to admit for his harshest critics, but Howard is right. His résumé does speak for itself.