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MLB scout: Gary Sanchez’s effort level is ‘going to cost the Yankees big-time’

An anonymous MLB scout questioned Gary Sanchez’s hustle hours before the New York Yankees catcher’s lack of effort during Monday’s 7-6 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays. In fact, the apparent clairvoyant scout suggested the Yankees may have no choice but to start Sanchez’s backup in the postseason.

“They’re going to have to catch Austin Romine in the playoffs,” the scout told NJ Advance Media ahead of Monday’s game. “I just don’t know if I can trust Sanchez behind the plate and I know I can’t trust him to run hard.”

The scout went on to make a dire prediction if the Yankees roll with Sanchez in the playoffs.

“I’m telling you, [Sanchez] is going to cost the Yankees big-time at some point,” the scout said. “And it might be in a playoff elimination game.”

There were two instances during Monday’s loss where Sanchez’s lack of hustle made a critical impact upon the game.

In the first inning, Sanchez did not appear to give a full effort at retrieving a loose ball, allowing the Rays to score a run.

“Yeah, that’s another instance there if I would have done a better job, being quicker, getting that ball, maybe we have a chance to get him out at home,” Sanchez said through an interpreter after the game, via ESPN. “And that’s my fault.”

Even worse, Sanchez did not hustle down the line after putting the ball in play in the ninth inning, resulting in a putout at first that ended the game after Aaron Hicks was safe at second.

“I should’ve run harder,” Sanchez said of the game-ending play. “I could’ve done a better job, for sure.”

It remains to be seen what the Yankees do with Sanchez, although the catcher insisted after the game he’ll try to learn from Monday’s incidents.

That said, the scout believes whatever Sanchez does to shore up things could be short-lived.

“I’m telling you, Sanchez has become a real big problem for the Yankees even though they won’t admit it,” he said.