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Dwight Howard gets awkward during Wizards’ introductory presser (vid)

Dwight Howard on Monday was formally introduced by the Washington Wizards at a press conference, where it was announced he would wear No. 21 with the team.

Howard has bounced around the league in recent years and ended up with the Wizards after the Charlotte Hornets traded him earlier this month to the Brooklyn Nets, who immediately waived him, ushering in his latest stop in D.C.

What made Monday’s presser so amusing, though, was the manner in which the NBA veteran attempted to cleverly explain what he learned from each team on his NBA journey was downright awkward. Basically, Howard incorporated qualities that can be gleaned from some of the teams’ names to explain himself.

The full quote, in all its awkward glory:

“Actually, I was joking with one of my trainers earlier today,” Howard said Monday at Capital One Arena, via an AP report. “I thought it would be fitting. We were talking about how I started with the Magic, learned Magic for eight years. Traveled to La-La land. Learned how to work the Rockets. Went to learn how to fly with some Hawks. Got stung by the Hornets. Throughout all of that, it taught me how to be a Wizard.”


On a more serious note and silly references aside, Howard did reveal he intends to retire as a Wizard, saying, “I plan to be here until I retire.”

Although the fact Howard, 35, saying he can see himself playing another eight years in the NBA is an interestingly odd notion.

In other words, it’s the same old enigmatic Dwight Howard. Just in a different location.