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Mets dispute notion of ‘disconnect’ with Yoenis Cespedes

The New York Mets are navigating another issue involving Yoenis Cespedes, mere days after the veteran was activated two-month stint on the disabled list. But Mets assistant general manager John Ricco on Sunday night dismissed any notion of disconnect between the team and the slugger.

Cespedes has only appeared in only 38 games due to a hip flexor injury. The Mets slugger returned to action on Friday after a 68-day absence. Cespedes’ spot in the lineup was short-lived, however, as he was scratched Saturday and the Mets were rained out Sunday.

The veteran inspired some consternation among Mets brass by revealing surgery might be necessary due to calcification in both heels, an issue Cespedes says has plagued him for 15 years. He is expected to be examined by a doctor on Monday.

If surgery is needed, Cespedes would be out for eight to 10 months to recover. Although both the Mets and Cespedes expressed the belief over the weekend that surgery would be a last resort.

“I think he probably was a little bit frustrated that it was more painful than he expected. So I can’t speak for why or how he said it, but he did say it, and I think we have to take it seriously,” Ricco said, via Reuters.

What evidently rankled the Mets was how Cespedes addressed the injury issue with the media before addressing the potential surgery with the team first. That said, Ricco insists the team and Cespedes remain on the same page, despite the situation seemingly indicating otherwise.”I don’t think it’s a disconnect,” Ricco said. “It’s not like he’s been saying this for months and we haven’t been listening. For the first time, to our knowledge, when he was considering the surgery was when he said that.”It has been a nightmarish season to say the least for the Mets, who reside the NL East’s cellar with a 40-56 record. The distractions stemming from trade rumors involving some of the team’s biggest stars has already served as a distraction. Now this Cespedes issue only further complicates matters.