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Twitter likens J.J. Watt to The Incredible Hulk over musclebound pose (pic)

J.J. Watt gave social media a thrill recently by posting a mind-blowing photograph in which he showcases his extremely muscular physique.

If that does not strike fear in the hearts of any offensive player set to look across the line of scrimmage at the Houston Texans superstar next season, nothing will.

The incredible image of Watt’s flex display humorously — and accurately — elicited comparisons to The Incredible Hulk on social media.

One Watt fan hopped in the Wayback Machine to post a reference to the original Hulk of 1970s television, Lou Ferrigno.

Watt previously raised eyebrows with his flex pose earlier this month as part of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s #Flex4Forces social media campaign.

Watt of course has had injuries derails his past two NFL seasons, playing in a total of eight games over that period. The Texans superstar clearly is primed for a return to prominence in 2018 if his workouts that resulted in such an intimidating, musclebound physique is any indication. And all early indications point to such a development as well ahead of training camp.