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LeBron James gets ‘chills’ from ‘NBA 2K’ mixtape showing him play with son (vid)

LeBron James could not help but be taken aback by an ‘NBA 2K” clip in which he plays alongside son LeBron Jr.

The mixtape, which features the 13-year-old “Bronny” suited up in Los Angeles Lakers gear with his dad, left Papa James with “chills.”

Interestingly, James has expressed a desire to play basketball with his son on an NBA court.

“You want to ask me what is the greatest achievement of my life? If I’m on the same court as my son in the NBA. That would be number one in my lifetime as an NBA player,” James said in June. “I’ve thought about it because my son is about to be 14, and he might be able to get in there a little earlier.”

James is 33 years old and has a lot of extra mileage on his body due to so many deep runs in the postseason. The most conservative estimate would mean James would have to play beyond the four-year deal he signed earlier this month with the Lakers.

It of course would be foolish to underestimate James by any stretch, so who knows? Perhaps the video game footage above is merely a virtual teaser for the real thing sometime down the road.