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Ray Lewis vows Hall speech will be an unforgettable ‘roller coaster’

Ray Lewis is among the honorees who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Aug. 4. The excitable Baltimore Ravens icon clearly is getting amped-up for the enshrinement ceremony, as he vows to deliver a speech that will put fans — and himself — on an unforgettable “roller coaster.”

Lewis recently addressed his upcoming induction in Canton and rejected the notion of any apprehension ahead of his speech.

“Nervousness? No,” Lewis said on a Wednesday conference call, via The Baltimore Sun. “I would only be nervous if it was something I had to talk about that I didn’t know. I think this moment, for me, is one of those moments. It’s a moment that you dream for your entire life.”

As far as the content of his actual speech? Lewis says buckle up and secure the lap bar.

“All you have to do is come deliver something that I think a lot of people want to hear,” Lewis said. “So whether it becomes my greatest moment or not, I tell you this: It will have people and myself on a roller coaster that we will never forget.”

Lewis added his approach to his Hall of Fame speech was in large part inspired by those from Jonathan Ogden, Warren Sapp and Cris Carter from the 2013 enshrinement ceremonies.

Lewis is part of an eight-man class in 2018, joining the likes of Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Brian Urlacher, and Brian Dawkins. With Owens stunningly declining an invitation from the Hall, perhaps the only inductee who will give Lewis a run for his money from an emotional perspective might be Moss, possibly.

That said, given Lewis boasts one of the most out-sized and over-the-top personalities ever seen in the NFL, odds are his speech will deliver the most fireworks and histrionics.

Buckle up, indeed, and prepare for perhaps one last “Squirrel Dance.”