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Marc Gasol saves migrant from drowning at sea during rescue mission

Memphis Grizzlies star Marc Gasol participated in a rescue mission last weekend that resulted in saving a migrant woman from drowning on the Mediterranean Sea.

Gasol, a Barcelona native, was participating in a mission for Proactiva Open Arms, a Spanish nonprofit organization that assists in rescuing refugees and migrants attempting to travel to Europe from Africa and the Middle East, per an ESPN report.

The woman rescued by Gasol and crew came from Cameroon. She survived a shipwreck by clinging to a piece of wood for 48 hours. Gasol and the crew brought her aboard the boat approximately 90 miles off the coast of Libya.

“There were pieces of wood and clothes floating in the water,” Gasol told The Guardian. “Then there was that woman, with her elbows resting on a wooden beam. Her eyes were lost in the void. She was weak and in shock. She had been clinging to that piece of wood with her last bit of strength and had remained that way for 48 hours. I thought of this woman, of her strength. And I felt anger.”

Gasol and the crew jumped in the water to retrieve two bodies of migrants, the report states.