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Kyle Schwarber says Home Run Derby ‘wasn’t rigged’

Chicago Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber is sore, but only in a physical sense following the Home Run Derby, not over what turned out to be the contest’s controversial outcome.

Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper rallied to edge Schwarber in the Derby at his home ballpark on Monday night. Harper was accused of cheating due to his father serving him up pitches before the previous batted ball landed, a Home Run Derby no-no.

Schwarber downplayed the conspiracy theories and associated noise by disputing the notion the outcome was a setup to allow Harper to win the contest in front of the home fans at Nationals Park.

“It wasn’t rigged,” Schwarber said, via the Chicago Tribune. The guy did an unbelievable job.”

Schwarber hit 55 homers over three rounds, which as noted, left him hurting a little bit.

“I’m still somewhat sore,” Schwarber said Thursday ahead of Thursday’s return to action after the break against the St. Louis Cardinals. “It’s a lot of swings in a short amount of time. Now it’s back to baseball, just worrying about winning games and driving people in.”

Despite the disappointment of coming up just short, Schwarber could see himself competing in the Home Run Derby again should the opportunity present itself.

“I could see myself doing it again, but it might be a while,” Schwarber said.