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Report: Friction between Brady, Belichick, Kraft not yet ‘hashed out’

The New England Patriots reportedly still have issues to work out related to an alleged rift between the Big Three of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft.

According to a recent piece from Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal, the purported issues negatively impacting the relationship between the Patriots quarterback, head coach and owner continue to fester.

“According to multiple sources, nothing has been hashed out between the three of them, at least at this time. That could certainly change as they come off vacation and ready for the season. But sources say the more likely scenario is that things are worked out slowly during camp — or not at all.

“Belichick continues to be irritated that Kraft has increasingly interjected himself into areas that were largely Belichick’s domain during his tenure with the Patriots. That includes the owner’s deference to Brady and his role in the retention of Josh McDaniels.”

The supposed issues plaguing the Patriots’ power structure originally was blown wide open in a bombshell report from ESPN’s Seth Wickersham published in early January.

The perceived disconnect, at least between Brady and Belichick, reportedly was spawned by Brady’s close relationship with personal trainer Alex Guerrero. The influence Guerrero appears to have over Brady allegedly irked Belichick to no small extent.

The Patriots, led by Belichick, not surprisingly closed ranks, with Kraft admitting to “tension” but not dysfunction. Meanwhile, Brady firmly dismissed the allegations of a rift with Belichick as the Patriots ignored the noise while going to yet another Super Bowl appearance.

Interestingly, Bedard wrote of potential organizational dysfunction weeks ahead of Wickersham’s piece. In December, Bedard reported that the drama surrounding Guerrero “absolutely” causing friction between Brady and Belichick. With that in mind, Bedard’s latest reporting merits serious consideration.