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Dwyane Wade trashed on Twitter over questionable motivational quote

Dwyane Wade’s heart presumably was in the right place when recently attempting to deliver a motivational quote on social media. But the NBA star’s best efforts nevertheless backfired on him.

Wade took to Twitter earlier this week to dispense some wisdom about effort being the biggest predictor of success. Specifically speaking, Wade espoused how work ethic is the only thing that stands in the way of realizing one’s dreams.

Some people on Twitter took great offense to Wade equating being saddled with a minimum wage income to having a poor work ethic (as curated by Total Pro Sports):

As noted, Wade was aspiring to provide some worthwhile words was wisdom, a noble pursuit, indeed. However, as Twitter noticed, the sentiment came off as a little bit tone-deaf. Wade’s arguable misstep was not the end of the world by any stretch. That does not mean he should not have been called on it, though.