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Spurs issue ‘Thank You’ tweet to Kawhi Leonard after trade with Raptors

The San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday officially announced the trade that sent Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green in exchange for DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl and a protected 2019 first round pick.

While the press release was standard and relatively benign in tone as usually the case with such announcements, the Spurs also made the interesting decision to tweet out a thanks to Leonard for his seven seasons with the team.

It merits noting that the Spurs also issued a note of gratitude to Green on social media as well, not to mention separate tweets welcoming DeRozan and Poetl into the fold.

A nagging quad injury limited Leonard to only nine games last season. The injury served as a backdrop to the complete and utter breakdown in the relationship between Leonard and the Spurs.

The dysfunctional relationship of course necessitated Tuesday’s trade, as Leonard made it clear he wanted out of San Antonio immediately. But what’s interesting here is how the Spurs did not acquiesce to Leonard’s reported demand for a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers. Instead, the Spurs shipped him to the Raptors, a team Leonard reportedly has no interest in joining.

In essence, the Spurs’ trading him to Toronto was one final parting shot to Leonard after he essentially deep-sixed their entire season.

“Thank You Kawhi”? Sure, but odds are “Good Riddance, Kawhi, Enjoy Canada” arguably would have been more apropos.