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Shaquille O’Neal foots bill for some random guy’s birthday party (pic)

A man celebrating his birthday party in Baton Rouge, La., welcomed an unannounced celebrity guest when Shaquille O’Neal briefly popped in to share in the revelry. Even better? Upon leaving, O’Neal paid the party’s entire bill.

Chris Plant was celebrating his 31st birthday on Tuesday night at the Texas de Brazil restaurant when none other than O’Neal made an appearance.

“We were sitting at the table, after greeting him,” Plant toldĀ The Advocate, “having fun talking and so forth when the manager comes and gives us the grand news! Shaq is paying for everything!”

“We all shouted thanking him, and then as he leaves, we all have our own personal photo shoot with him. Just amazing,” Plant said.

O’Neal of course is well-known in Baton Rouge, having starred on the court with the LSU Tigers before embarking upon his Hall of Fame NBA career. In fact, O’Neal is inducted in the LSU Hall of Fame and there’s a 900-pound bronze statue of him outsideĀ  the LSU Basketball Practice Facility.

It is worth noting that ONeal is the only sports world star who has generously picked up the restaurant tab of an unknown stranger in recent months for no apparent reason other than to be kind. But it doesn’t take away from the respective thrill of such an unexpected experience.