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Report: Josh Hader’s family compelled to change shirts at All-Star Game

Milwaukee Brewers reliever Josh Hader was pitching in the MLB All-Star Game Tuesday night at Nationals Park when a series of offensive tweets from seven years ago during his teenage years began to surface.

Hader was informed of the burgeoning controversy after leaving the game. Making matters worse, his family and friends were in the stands and as a result found themselves ensnared in the scandal.

According to report from The Guardian, members of Hader’s family and some friends were spotted wearing generic National League gear after Hader’s offensive tweets became public.

As Hader’s tweets were going viral, some of Hader’s friends and family in attendance were given blank gear in the stands. They were wearing blank National League gear outside the clubhouse toward the end of the game. Hader said he had not spoken to family members and when asked if that would be a difficult conversation responded: “I was young, immature and stupid. There’s no excuses for what was said or what happened.”

The reasonable assumption is that the family members elected or were advised to change out of Hader-themed gear. Hader has since expressed remorse over the tweets from 2011-2012. However, Major League Baseball issued a statement indicating Hader would have to undergo sensitivity training in light of the homophobic and racist social media dispatches.

The Brewers also issued a statement of their own in which the organization condemns Hader for the tweets.

About the only positive coming out of the situation for Hader is that it does not appear he will be suspended or fined as punishment for his youthful — yet unacceptable — indiscretions on social media.

Hader without question has much work to do to rehabilitate his tarnished image. Given how his family was unwittingly drawn into the embarrassment of the situation while cheering him on at the All-Star Game, a sincere apology to them arguably would be a good place to start.