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Eagles troll Amazon over using dog pics on error pages during Prime Day outages

Amazon’s much ballyhooed Prime Day was marred by a series of shocking outages on Monday, much to the chagrin of online shoppers and dismay of the mega-corporation. Amazon attempted to play on shoppers’ love of canines to help alleviate frustration over the Prime Day meltdown.

“Some customers are having difficulty shopping, and we’re working to resolve this issue quickly,” Amazon said in a statement to CNN Money. “Many are shopping successfully — in the first hour of Prime Day in the U.S., customers have ordered more items compared to the first hour last year. There are hundreds of thousands of deals to come and more than 34 hours to shop Prime Day.”

It was quite the embarrassment for the online giant and the Philadelphia Eagles later rubbed salt in the wounds by mocking Amazon with a dog photograph of their own in a tweet. Instead of cute dogs, though, the Eagles highlighted how the team fully embraced their “underdog” role en route to a Super Bowl LII triumph by using a photograph of offensive lineman Lane Johnson wearing a dog mask.

Well played, snark-masters behind the Eagles’ social media accounts. Well played, indeed.