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Tyronn Lue weighs in on chat with LeBron James at Summer League game (vid)

LeBron James made an appearance at the Los Angeles Lakers’ Summer League game on Sunday and bumped into his former coach, Tyronn Lue. While it conceivably could have made for an awkward situation, Lue insists that was not the case and there’s no hard feelings over James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Afterward, Lue explained to NBA TV the nature of the brief encounter. While admitting he was “shocked and a little hurt” about James leaving Cleveland, the Cavaliers head coach nevertheless understands, or at least accepts, why James did what he did.

“It was a surprise. We talked, we had dialogue all summer, but I didn’t want to ask him those questions. We have a good friendship, and I respect his privacy. I respect his decision,” Lue said, via NBA TV. “We just talked about basketball, talked about the draft, things you want to get better at next season.

“I didn’t expect it. When I saw, I was shocked and hurt a little bit by the decision, but like I said, we talked and he said I’m his favorite guy. He loved being coached by me. He loved the four seasons we had together, and this decision was solely on just a decision for himself and his family, and I can live with that.”

Lue and James of course enjoyed a fruitful partnership with the Cavaliers, winning a title in 2016, and their professional relationship certainly blossomed into a friendship. Lue obviously recognizes the NBA is a business. More than that, James was doing what was best for himself, his family and his career. It’s difficult to find fault in that approach and it appears Lue sees it as such.