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Tony Romo likens Tom Brady and Bill Belichick to ‘any married couple’

An old proverb suggests that “familiarity breeds contempt.” After nearly two decades working closely together, could that help explain the purported rift that has developed between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? Tony Romo believes that to be the case, likening the two New England Patriots icons to “any married couple.”

A bombshell report late last season alleged a breakdown in the relationship between Belichick and Brady, a situation that spawned amid overall organizational dysfunction.

The crux of the purported friction between the two oversized personalities reportedly stemmed from Brady’s close relationship with personal trainer Alex Guerrero. The influence Guerrero appears to have over Brady allegedly irked Belichick to no small extent.

The Patriots not surprisingly closed ranks and roundly dismissed the allegations of a rift while going on to yet another Super Bowl appearance.

But the way Romo sees it, Belichick and Brady simply are navigating the potential issues inherent to any longtime partnership.

“I just think when you are together for 15-20 years, whatever it is, I think invariably when you’ve had the success that they have had people have to come up with stuff,” Romo recently opined on NFL Network, via WEEI. “I also think I have been upset with my coaches before and then you come back and you’re fine, and then you get upset with them and then you’re fine. It’s part of just sports.

“When you are winning at that level, I think there are a lot of reasons that you do. Tom Brady being there is a big reason, obviously. Bill Belichick being there, it’s a big, big reason. I don’t really think there is a whole lot to it. I think they probably squabble just like any married couple for 20 years and they also love each other.”

When it comes to Romo’s recent observations concerning goings-on in the NFL, his analysis of the Brady-Belichick relationship dynamics likely are to be met with less skepticism than his early pick for which two teams will play in Super Bowl LIII.