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LaVar Ball envisions ‘powerful’ partnership with LeBron James (vid)

LaVar Ball currently is playing nice with LeBron James now that the superstar has joined his son Lonzo on the Los Angeles Lakers. In fact, the elder Ball, no stranger to hyperbole and outrageous statements, believes the two alpha males could take over Hollywood by forging a “powerful” partnership.

TMZ Sports was on the scene in Ontario, Calif., where Ball’s JBA league was holding an event. The camera crew asked Ball about collaborating with James in light of all the power meetings The King has been taking with some of Tinseltown’s major players.

“In Hollywood, anything’s possible,” Ball said. “We hook up together maybe become something more powerful. But it’s all good!”

As noted, the outspoken Ball and James have a history, and not a good one.

In 2017, the elder Ball made the case that his three sons were better set up for success than James’ sons. This not surprisingly elicited an acerbic rebuke from James.

“Keep my kids’ name out of your mouth. Keep my family out of your mouth,” James said in March 2017. “This is dad to dad. It’s a problem now.”

But since James signed on with the Lakers — something Ball interestingly predicted back in June — Ball not surprisingly singing a different tune. That said, don’t expect James to leap at Ball’s offer to form a “more powerful” alliance.