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FOX Sports to employ SkyCam for first time at 2018 MLB All-Star Game

FOX Sports is pulling out all the stops for its broadcast of the 2018 MLB All-Star Game next Tuesday. The latest announcement touting the added bells and whistles to be employed by FOX reveals the network will use SkyCam for the first time at the “Midsummer Classic” at Nationals Park, per a Forbes report.

SkyCam of course has been mostly used in telecasts of NFL games, as the technology and logistics needed to execute it meshes well with the setup of a football field, not to mention the nature of the game itself. Baseball, on the other hand, is another story.

FOX believes, however, that the unique layout of Nationals Park allows for the deployment of SkyCam with minimal risk for dispution.

There will be one “WildCat” system on-site with a flyspace that will run over left and center field. The camera will track outside the field of play, largely over the bullpens. By running the system as such, it avoids the possibility of the camera or cabling interfering with play.

Should there be any technical problems with the primary system, FOX Sports is deploying a backup that will be on-site.

One cannot help but consider the potential pitfalls inherent to having a camera buzzing around above a ballpark, not to mention cables possibly interfering with a batted ball and the like. It appears FOX has taken that well into consideration given the camera will remain beyond the field of play.

There’s certainly a possibility that the SkyCam won’t be as compelling or successful as the technology has proven to be in the NFL. But “nothing ventured, nothing gained” seems to be FOX’s philosophy with its no-holds-barred approach to providing out-of-the-box coverage of the All-Star Game next week.