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Has Charles Barkley’s infamously bad golf swing actually improved? (vid)

Charles Barkley has long been mocked and ridiculed over his infamously terrible golf swing. Is it possible that Sir Charles has been putting in the work to refine it and his atrocious backswing has actually improved?

Barkley will make another appearance — as he has for decades — in Lake Tahoe, Nev., to compete in the American Century celebrity golf tournament at Edgewood Tahoe South. Some footage of Barkley on the tee box from Thursday lends to the possibility he’s been working out the significant kinks in his swing.

Wonders never cease. Still, there clearly remains a hitch in Barkley’s herky-jerky backswing.

That said, anything’s an improvement for Barkley given the sorry state his golf swing has been in forever. There’s a reason why Barkley faces comically long odds to win the tournament this week, not to mention how he’s finished last in the showcase six times in 22 appearances. Turrible, to borrow a Barkley-ism.