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Kevin Durant accused of being ‘rude’ to young fan and his dad (vid)

Kevin Durant has had an interesting week when it comes to his interactions with NBA fans. And now the Golden State Warriors superstar is being accused of being “rude” to a young fan and his father.

Footage posted to Facebook shows Durant making the rounds this week at the Taste of Chicago on a golf cart. The NBA Finals MVP not surprisingly was attracting a crowd.

When Durant got off the cart and approached a food booth, he allegedly told a father to have his son to stop following him around the event.

It’s obviously unclear exactly what occurred during the exchange, nor do we know how aggressive or persistent the boy and his father were being toward Durant before the camera started rolling.

That said, sports superstars, celebrities and anyone else in the public eye without question deserve the right to go about their business in public without being incessantly pestered.

As noted, though, what makes the Durant video so interesting is how he mixed it up with a teenager on Instagram earlier this week over the assertion he does not elevate his teammates the way Stephen Curry and LeBron James do.

In other words, not a great week whatsoever, it would seem, for Durant on the NBA fan interaction front. Although it’s possible there’s more to the story about his conduct in Chicago that helps explain the situation and justify Durant’s alleged actions.