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Hall of Fame reveals how it will handle Terrell Owens situation

Terrell Owens has elected to not be involved whatsoever in the ceremonies in Canton, Ohio, this summer when he is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And now the Hall has revealed how it will deal with Owens’ unprecedented slight:

Ignore it entirely.

Hall of Fame executive director told Clark Judge indicated this week that there will be no mention of Owens whatsoever throughout the weekend, including during the 2018 induction ceremony on Aug. 4.

Owens will not be introduced for Friday night’s Gold Jacket ceremony, nor will he be announced the following night at Canton’s annual induction ceremony, said the Hall’s executive director, Joe Horrigan, via the Talk of Fame Network.

“The focus,” Horrigan said, “is on the guys who are here.”

And that excludes Owens.

Horrigan also made a compelling justification for why Owens will be ignored.

“There’s no reason to bring him up as an individual,”  Horrigan said. “He’s not here.”

Horrigan also indicated Owens would be mailed his gold jacket Saturday morning, a day after he would have had it draped on his shoulders during Friday’s Gold Jacket dinner.

Owens announced earlier this month that instead of attending the ceremonies, he will make a speech at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, his alma mater.

The Talk of Fame Network’s article makes the case that the Hall of Fame is not being “vindictive or punitive,” just “sensible.” And given Owens’ surprising decision, how the Hall will handle the situation is arguably a reasonable approach.