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Gordon Hayward’s wife Robyn reacts to fallout from baby gender reveal video

A baby gender reveal video posted this week on social media by Gordon Hayward and wife Robyn elicited some interesting reactions. And now Robyn is firing back at those who took the video far too seriously.

In the footage posted to Instagram by Robyn, the Haywards reveal the new baby will be a girl, joining two older sisters.

Once the pink balloons signified another little girl is on the way, Robyn asks Gordon, “Is Daddy happy?” To which he replies, “Daddy is always happy.”

The prevailing take regarding the gender reveal video is that the Boston Celtics star is disappointed over having another daughter as opposed to his first son. While the case can be made that Hayward did not appear overjoyed, the fact that people on social media could not help but incessantly make that point seemingly irked Robyn.

“So I wanted to share what I found so funny about us sharing our gender of the baby is how sensitive people are about everything,” she says in the video. The message overlaying the video also sends a clear message on how Robyn feels about the fallout of the gender reveal.

Robyn is no stranger to dealing with the occasional pitfalls and dark side of social media. So, it’s no surprise she opted to react to what occurred on this occasion.