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Fan pulls a George Costanza with mustard mess at White Sox game (vid)

A fan taking in the Chicago White Sox-St. Louis Cardinals game at Guaranteed Rate Field on Wednesday night did his best George Costanza impersonation by seemingly appearing oblivious to the fact he had gobs of yellow mustard smeared on his face.

The worst part? Much like Costanza’s experience at the U.S. Open involving a melting ice cream sundae — in the classic “The Lip Reader” episode from the sixth season of “Seinfeld” —  his embarrassing messiness was covered in great detail by the announcers covering the game.

And the best part, at least for everyone other than this poor guy? It took the guy receiving a phone call from someone before becoming aware of the mustard-based mess.

Very Constanza-like. To wit:

“Hey buddy, they got a new invention. It’s called a napkin,” as it is observed by the U.S. Open announcers regarding Costanza’s ice cream misadventures.

It merits noting the man’s mustard malady occurred during Dollar Hot Dog Night, so that’s … something.

But hey, at least the guy seemed to have a good sense of humor about the situation, given how he and the woman who is presumably his wife had a good chuckle over it.