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Charles Barkley faces comically long odds at celebrity golf tournament

Charles Barkley faces extremely long odds to win this week’s American Century celebrity golf tournament, coming in at a comical 6,000-1 long shot. The NBA on TNT analyst has the longest odds in the field, so much so that one oddsmaker suggested the only way Barkley wins the tournament is “if all other players withdraw after teeing off.”

Edgewood Tahoe South has not proven to be a favorable course for Barkley’s questionable golf game. The NBA legend has come in last six times in 22 appearances, including last year.

Bear in mind that Barkley is simply not a good golfer. It’s an indisputable observation given everything that has been established about his game. In fact, his widely ridiculed, unorthodox swing lends credence to notion Barkley’s golf game is plainly “turrible,” to borrow Sir Charles’ famous line.

But could things take a turn for the better this week? Fomer MLB pitcher Mark Mulder, who has won the tournament three times and comes in as the favorite with 8-5 odds, joked it could happen.

“I’ve heard a rumor that [Barkley] is actually playing all right, right now,” Mulder told the Reno Gazette Journal, via ESPN. “I don’t know if there’s any truth to it. But we’ll see.”

Despite Barkley’s long odds, there reportedly has been some action at the sportsbooks, as Harveys Lake Tahoe Hotel and Casino has seen a “handful” of bets made on his 6,000-1 odds.

“They usually are laughing when they’re making the bets,” Harveys sportsbook manager Dave Cudney said. “We all laugh.”

For what it’s worth, some big names from the sports world with accomplished golf games have great odds to win the tournament. Tony Romo has 2-1 odds, while Stephen Curry comes in at 15-1. Former MLB pitcher John Smoltz sits at 10-1 while Aaron Rodgers comes in at 30-1.

Imagine if Barkley somehow won the event, though, however implausible, if not completely impossible. It would make some degenerate gamblers quite the tidy sum of money. It’s almost like what Kevin Malone said in “The Office” (although not quite): “ “If anyone gives you 10,000 to 1 odds on anything, you take that bet.