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Eli Manning jokes about Giants teammates’ shirtless workouts

Eli Manning is eager to get on the field during training camp for more work with the New York Giants’ skill position players. The only problem is that Manning fears the likes of Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard, Saquon Barkley, Evan Engram and Roger Lewis may require some time to get re-accustomed to how the Giants practice.

How so? The guys might need some time getting used to wearing shirts. Manning, the subtle joker that he is, cracked wise about the situation during a football camp at Kean University.

“I know they will have to make some adjustments,” Manning quipped Tuesday, via “We do practice with our shirts on with the Giants. With the friction, they might have to make an adjustment the first few weeks. It might be something new for them and take a little time to get used to that.”

Footage surfaced of Beckham, Shepard, Barkley, Engram and Lewis working out last week on the UCLA campus. And as Manning astutely noticed, shirts were indeed optional. In fact, it would appear such clothing was banned.

All kidding aside, Manning, 37, praised his much younger teammates over the dedication to their craft.

“Those guys always work,” Manning said. “I appreciate the work. They’re getting ready for the upcoming season. I think it’s great they are together and challenging each other and getting ready for the upcoming season.”

The Giants are attempting to rebound from a dismal 3-13 campaign last season. With the addition of Barkley, the hoped-for health of Beckahm and the offseason efforts demonstrated by the skill position players, perhaps the Giants are poised for a remarkable turnaround.

A bounce-back season out of a rejuvenated Manning would not hurt, either.