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Archie Bradley lands great endorsement due to embarrassing mishap (pic)

Arizona Diamondbacks relief pitcher Archie Bradley actually admitted to suffering a profoundly embarrassing “accident” right before entering a game this season. And now, in light of his remarkable candor — not to mention the nature of the incident — Bradley appears to have landed a perfect endorsement.

Bradley revealed the details of the gross mishap during an appearance last month on Yahoo Sports MLB Podcast. Just before being called out for a relief appearance earlier in the season, he needed to use the bathroom. Then something happened that one would think a person would never reveal to another human being, let alone announce so freely:

Given there really is no delicate way to explain what happened to Bradley, here goes: He pooped his pants.

Bradley on Monday took to Twitter to showcase how he recently received a fitting care package due to his admission: A box of “Dude Wipes.”

Dude Wipes are touted as a “flushable wipe product” for men. Although given the extreme nature of the situation, the case can be made Dude Wipes would have done little to help Bradley navigate the mess in which he found himself.