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Andrew Luck sends fan who found his wallet autographed football, note (pic)

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has thanked a fan who found his wallet and returned it by sending along a thoughtful thank-you note and an autographed football as thanks for the kind gesture.

Haleigh Hoffman of RTV6 in Indy relayed on Friday via Twitter how the father of one of her friends happened upon Luck’s wallet while on a bike ride a few weeks ago and then paid a visit to the Colts’ practice facility to drop it off.

And in return for being such a Good Samaritan, Luck sent the man a nice souvenir and a thoughtful note as a token of gratitude.

“Charles, Many Thanks! You made my life much easier,” Luck wrote in the note. “Thanks for reminding me of the ‘kindness of strangers.”

Luck appears to be on track to be ready to go at the onset of the 2018 NFL season after sitting out all of 2017 due to lingering issues following offseason shoulder surgery. While Colts fans without question will enjoy this story about how Luck rewarded a stranger’s kind act, seeing him finally back on the field fully healthy will of course be greeted with much more fanfare.