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Caps equipment manager brings Stanley Cup to Capital Gazette (pics/vid)

Washington Capitals equipment manager Craig “Woody” Leydig spent part of his day paying a visit to the temporary offices of the Capital Gazette, the Annapolis, Md., newspaper that witnessed tragedy when five of its journalists and staff were murdered last Thursday by a gunman who ambushed its newsroom.

“My heart goes out to the families of those who were lost and to all the employees of Capital Gazette that have to find a way to move on from this terrible tragedy,” Leydig told the Capital Gazette’s Bill Wagner, via Russian Machine Never Breaks.

Leydig actually conducted an interview with Wagner a mere hours before Thursday’s shooting.

“It was right after you and I did the story,” Leydig said though tears. “I went back in the laundry room that day at our practice facility. Me and a couple of the the other trainers were doing laundry and we saw on the news flash that there had been a shooting.

“At the time I said, ‘Oh my gosh’ and my partner Dave Marin goes ‘What’s the matter?’ I said ‘I just gone done doing an interview about 20 minutes ago with a gentleman who may be in the building’ not knowing you were not in that building. Not knowing you all that well, but my heart went out to everybody.”

Leydig of course understands bringing the Cup to the Capital Gazette offices is not going change anything about the unimaginable and horrific tragedy suffered by the newspaper’s employees.

“When you get a day with [the Stanley Cup], sometimes I think it’s just good do good for people and boost morale and bring up some spirits,” Leydig said. “I know it doesn’t replace the victims, but hopefully this is a shot in the arm for people to start a little healing process and to make you guys feel good.”