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LeBron James to decide future in ‘The Decision Cave’ in the Caribbean?

As expected, LeBron James on Friday declined the $35.6 million option on his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers and become a free agent, multiple sources have confirmed. And now the free agency frenzy can begin in earnest … although rampant speculation has been the name of the game for some time now.

James and his family have been recently vacationing in the Caribbean, and it sounds like that may be the case, at least in the short-term, according to comments from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

Apparently, James intends to bring his team down to Anguilla to weigh all his options in something reportedly being referred to as … “The Decision Cave.”

“He’s planning on having a meeting with his closest advisors and friends,” Windhorst said Friday, via Deadspin. “I believe, you know, he’s still in the Caribbean, and I believe that his friends have come there and they’re gonna huddle there. They have what they call ‘The Decision Cave.’

“His agent Rich Paul is in Los Angeles, he’s got other free agents that he’s got to deal with, but his closest friends will get together in the Decision Cave.”

Leave it to James to bestow such a moniker upon whatever “The Decision Cave” actually is, although odds are it’s not as spartan in nature as what an actual cave would entail, obviously. And yet, James opting to use the dreaded word “Decision” is a questionable one.

After all, “The Decision” was the infamous ESPN debacle where James announced he would “take my talents to South Beach” all those years ago.

All that aside, James’ camp has gone to great lengths in recent days to deny and dispute each and every rumor and report related to what James intends to do next. So, don’t expect any details to escape the sanctity of “The Decision Cave.”

Given Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert’s purported desire to see James leave Cleveland once again — however misguided — odds are it’s likely deliberations within “The Decision Cave” will yield a new destination for the next step in LeBron’s career.