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Joel Embiid samples screaming hot sauces on chicken wing show (vid)

Joel Embiid became the latest celebrity to appear on “Hot Ones,” a chicken wing-centric talk show. And the Philadelphia 76ers superstar was confronted with the formidable challenge of the so-called “Wings of Death,” which features a lineup of 10 sauces that star with spicy and progress to blindingly excruciating heat.

“That’s what I like doing,” a confident Embiid said during the interview. “I like kicking people’s a**es and letting them know that they suck, they are trash, and I’m better than them.”

Arguable overconfidence aside, things were going pretty well for Embiid at the onset. But once the heat was on — literally — Embiid began to feel it.

Embiid kept putting on a brave face saying he was “fine” or “great,” until he reached the 2 MILLION Scoville Hot Ones “The Last Dab Reduxx, ” via SB Nation. He refused all water and milk, saying he was a “warrior” but it seemed like too much when he hit the hottest sauce. He cleaned the bone, but looked like he was in agony.

In the end, he powered through, forced a smile, and said it was “great.” Embiid trusted the hot sauce process and prevailed.


The entire 22-minute interview follows, in which Embiid, beyond the “Wings of Death” experience, discusses myriad issues, including being named the cover athlete for “NBA Live 19.”