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Stephen Curry playfully trolls Thunder GM Sam Presti on Instagram (pic)

Stephen Curry had some fun on social media on Monday night by playfully trolling Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti after James Harden was named MVP at the 2018 NBA Awards.

Presti of course presided over a Thunder team that at one time boasted the three-headed monster of Harden, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Durant won the MVP award in 2014 with the Thunder before joining the Golden State Warriors ahead of the 2016-17 NBA season. Westbrook, the lone member of that Big Three still in OKC, won the award in 2017. And Harden, who headed to the Houston Rockets in a 2012 trade, now possesses his own MVP hardware.

An Instagram post pointing out how Durant, Westbrook and Harden all are now MVPs apparently caught the attention of Curry, who could not help but make a joke about Presti, as noted in a tweet from Bleacher Report.

Curry’s comment — “Wait. Does Presti get a trophy too?” — was more of a lighthearted jab than anything else, as Presti did everything in his power to keep the terrific trio together, as the Thunder did offer Harden a multi-year offer in free agency, which was not to his liking and effectuated the trade to Houston. And Durant’s unceremonious exodus out of OKC is well-documented, and in some cases, much-maligned.

That said, Curry was just having a little bit of fun on social media. Presti presumably won’t take much offense to it.