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Charles Barkley says Bill Russell giving him the finger was ‘awesome’

Charles Barkley took no offense over the iconic Bill Russell flipping him the bird during Monday’s 2018 NBA Awards ceremonies. In fact, Sir Charles found it to be “awesome.”

Eyebrows were raised when Barkley, speaking at the podium, pointed out all the luminaries and legends from the NBA’s past in attendance among the crowd.

When Russell, appearing on camera during a live televised broadcast, let his middle finger do the talking when reacting to Barkley.

(warning: Russell flipping the bird of course is featured in the below video)

The crowd, not to mention all the viewers at home, loved Russell’s questionable gesture.

Russell took to Twitter after the incident to apologize, tweeting, “Sorry everyone, I forgot it was live TV & I can’t help myself whenever I see Charles it just is pure instinct.”

It would appear that Barkley does not feel an apology from Russell is even remotely necessary, as no offense was taken on his part.

“I love that guy like a father,” Barkley told USA TODAY Sports Tuesday via text message. “It was awesome.”