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Sam Presti discusses Carmelo Anthony’s uncertain future with Thunder

Carmelo Anthony has until Sunday to decide whether or not to exercise the early termination option in his contract. Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti, while saying he does not know what Anthony intends to do, indicated the team has made every effort to help the veteran “make the most informed decision possible.”

If Anthony does indeed exercise the early termination option in his deal, he would become a free agent. However, it would come with an enormous price tag as Anthony would be leaving $27.9 million on the table, and the chances of the 34-year-old commanding that kind of salary in the free agent market are slim to none.

Presti indicated during the Thunder’s post-draft press conference Thursday night that discussions have been ongoing with Anthony.

“We’ve had several conversations with his representation and that’s pretty normal course,” Presti said, via The Oklahoman. “I wish I could tell you a whole lot has changed since the end of the season. We’re still in June, and the season doesn’t start until October, so we’ll continue to have that dialogue going forward.”

The Thunder reportedly “very much like to find a way to rid” itself of Anthony, per a May report. And Anthony indicated upon the Thunder’s elimination from the postseason he’s not inclined to return in the same reduced role he took on last season.

Should Anthony decline to exercise the option, the Thunder conceivably could negotiate a buyout as well. That said, Presti insists the Thunder are working with Anthony on all the details, even if everything is up in the air at the moment.

“I can’t speak to necessarily what he’s gonna to do with respect to the early termination option, but we have been in touch with him and tried to provide him with as much information as we can so he can make the most informed decision possible,” Presti said.