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Brad Stevens touts nap room as Celtics move into new practice facility (pics/vids)

The Boston Celtics are about to set up shop in a sparkling, brand new practice facility dubbed the Auerbach Center in honor of the iconic coach. Boasting 70,000 square feet, the Celtics’ new headquarters boasts an impressive array of practice space, players areas and state-of-the-art training and rehab facilities.

According to Celtics head coach Brad Stevens, perhaps no single feature should generate as much buzz as the nap room.

“Because of the priority we all put on sleep during the 82-game season, that’s something that really matters: being able to shut the door, being able to take a quick nap, catch up on some rest,” Stevens told reporters Tuesday.

Some additional images, footage, etc. of the new facilities.

Stevens went on to tout all the amenities available to players, coaches and staff at the new facility.

“A lot of these guys will come very early in the morning, eat breakfast, get a massage, lift, have time before they get on the court or right after the court,” Stevens said. “Maybe they have a community appearance a couple hours later.

“It’s easier just to stay here than to necessarily go home, so to be able to take advantage of those types of things is huge.”

Stevens later added how such a sparkling new headquarters that features all the modern amenities players could ask for should serve as an enticement to potential free agents.

“It’s a huge boost,” he said. “I think it’s about prioritizing your players, it’s about prioritizing your growth, being committed to them in every which way, and showing that in as many ways as you can. This clearly shows it, both from a long-term retention standpoint (and) if you bring new players in.

“This checks every box.”