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Todd Haley: Baker Mayfield ‘has a long way to go’ but making progress

Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Todd Haley praised Baker Mayfield for progress made through the team’s offseason program but stressed the rookie quarterback still “has a long way to go.”

Haley essentially is toeing the company line as it relates to the depth chart at quarterback, which means Tyrod Taylor remains firmly entrenched as the Browns’ starting quarterback. Further, Haley cannot envision a scenario at this point where Mayfield challenges Taylor for the staring job anytime soon.

“Again, that’s yet to be determined,” Haley said, via “He has a long way to go. I’d say it’s clear that Tyrod is the leader of this team. That is a big component of that position, also. What I will say is probably in my career, this is one of the best if not the best quarterbacks rooms in general that I’ve had.”

Haley also addressed the obstacles Mayfield faces acclimating to the speed and sophistication of the NFL, although it appears the Browns’ new offensive coordinator is pleased with how Mayfield is handling things.

“Any time that you’re a young player coming into this league, especially a quarterback, it’s going to take time,” Haley said. “You have a lot of different things that you’re dealing with at that position. For him, a guy that has been in the [shot]gun 99 percent of the time, in this division you have to be under center some. Whether it’s running or play action, those are some of the things that he has really had to work hard at. But I’m happy that we have training camp because young quarterbacks need all of the time they can get.”

The Browns appear completely committed to having Taylor run the show in 2018 to allow Mayfield to learn the NFL game from the sidelines. It merits noting that Mayfield has exhibited maturity in understanding his role, which has to be encouraging to the Browns coaching staff, not to mention his teammates.