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Lakers owner Jeanie Buss takes to Twitter to post cryptic message

Los Angeles Lakers controlling owner and president Jeanie Buss took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to post a cryptic message that will surely pique the interest of the team’s fans.

What could Buss possibly be trying to convey with that message? Is it possible she’s hinting — given the Lakers stand on the cusp of an offseason that has the potential of being potentially franchise-altering — at big things and big plans in free agency?

Buss’ cryptic statement comes amid conjecture that LeBron James conceivably could join the Lakers. Not only that, a recent ESPN report speculates how it’s possible the Lakers could not only land The King but also somehow bring in Paul George and Kawhi Leonard at the same time?

If the Lakers were somehow capable of pulling off that league-shattering roster coup, suffice to say it would certainly mean everyone underestimated the organization.

On the other hand, sure, Buss’ cryptic tweet could have nothing to do with the Lakers as well. After all, her most recent social media dispatch before the one in question presumably had absolutely nothing to do with the Lakers…

… probably.