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Kirk Cousins busts out first exclamatory outburst of Vikings career

Kirk Cousins appears to have uttered his first exclamatory outburst of his early Minnesota Vikings career during Wednesday’s minicamp session.

And while it arguably lacks the panache — not to mention meme-worthiness — of his infamous “YOU LIKE THAT!?!?” eruption from his Washington Redskins days, Cousins nevertheless may have happened upon a new catchphrase.

The Vikings offense was preparing to do some red-zone work during Wednesday’s session when head coach Mike Zimmer exhorted the unit to perform by shouting out, “Let’s score today! Touchdowns!”

When the Vikings defenders joined the offense on the field for 11-on-11 drills, Cousins became clearly excited after touchdown tosses to Stefon Diggs and Kyle Rudolph, shouting, “Boo-yah!” with an accompanying fist-pump.

It warrants mentioning that the defense exacted its revenge on the Boo-yah-yelling Cousins. After linebacker Anthony Barr made a leaping interception on a pass from Cousins intended for Rudolph in the end zone, veteran defensive lineman Brian Robison bellowed “Boo-yah!” right back at the new Vikings quarterback.

So, could “Boo-yah!” be Cousins’ “YOU LIKE THAT!?!?” for his Vikings career?

Hard to say, but Vikings fans will be just fine with whatever Cousins bellows in fits of excitable enthusiasm following big wins. After all, the Vikings paid him handsomely to deliver the goods regardless of catchphrases.

But “Boo-yah!” Really?