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Graham Gano ruins family kickball game as only an NFL kicker can (vid)

Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano happened upon his family enjoying a little kickball action on the driveway on Tuesday … and promptly ruined it in a manner befitting someone boasting his skills and job title.

Following Tuesday’s Panthers minicamp session, Gano — now the second highest-paid kicker in the league — arrived home and asked if he could get in on the game. His wife agreed, but with one caveat: He could not kick the ball too hard. So, what did Gano do? Kicked the kickball into the stratosphere.

Gano shared the video of his game-ruining boot on Twitter.

Come on, man. Nice home-run trot. Showboat.

Seriously, though, asking an NFL kicker not to kick a ball hard is like asking a bird not to fly. Unless it’s a penguin. Or an ostrich. Or any other bird that cannot fly. Or something.

The point is, don’t allow Gano — or any other NFL placekicker, for that matter — to get in on your kickball game in the first place if you don’t want the game to abruptly end.

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones, on the other hand?