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Donald Trump ‘not going to invite’ NBA champion to White House

President Donald Trump removed any speculation as to how things will play out once an NBA champion is crowned by telling reporters on Friday morning that “we’re not going to invite either team” to the White House, referencing either the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, who will play Game 4 in the NBA Finals on Friday night.

Conjecture abounded concerning whether an invitation to the eventual NBA champion — which is expected to be the Warriors, given the team’s 3-0 lead in the series — would even be extended in the first place. The fact that the Warriors did not attend a White House ceremony last year after winning the NBA title — spurned by Trump uninviting the team after critical comments about his administration from myriad members, including head coach Steve Kerr, of the organization.

Further lending to the likelihood no invitation would be coming was how both Stephen Curry and LeBron James both stated earlier this week that neither the Warriors nor Cavaliers would attend a White House ceremony should an invited be extended in the first place.

Any further discussion is of course moot given Trump’s declaration on Friday morning, which given the events of the week should be hardly surprising. Trump earlier this week abruptly canceled the Philadelphia Eagles’ scheduled visit to the White House planned for Tuesday morning, instead holding a “Celebration of America” event in its place.

A statement issued Tuesday by the White House placed all the blame on the Eagles for the sudden cancellation and accused the team of abandoning their fans. The fallout inspired a week-long conversation concerning Trump’s latest controversial run-in involving the world of sports.