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Steve Kerr explains why today’s NBA players are more politically, socially active

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr on Wednesday expressed his opinion on why the modern NBA player tends to be more socially and politically active when compared to players of his generation.

After all, Michael Jordan, Kerr’s teammate on the Chicago Bulls, rarely expressed an opinion on political or social issues. It was believed MJ did not want to stir up any controversy, once allegedly saying, “Republicans buy sneakers, too.”

And Kerr’s thoughts on Jordan’s perceived lack of social and/or political activism?

“It was a different time,” Kerr said. “Michael did all kinds of great things. He donated millions of dollars to charity.”

Today’s NBA players, however, have long discovered their voice and are not afraid to speak out on issues of personal and social importance. Led by LeBron James, the NBA boasts some of the most outspoken athletes in professional sports. Ahead of Wednesday’s Game 3 victory over James’ Cleveland Cavaliers, Kerr explained why he believes that to be the case.

“I think the world changed. In the ‘90s we were living in a sort of blissfully ignorant state,” Kerr told the San Francisco Chronicle, via the Chicago Tribune. “Pre-terrorism, pre-9/11, pre-social media. Life was a lot simpler. I think athletes recognize — and people in general — recognize it’s a different time, there’s a lot of angst and things to be concerned about. Things that need to be changed, whether its violence, school shootings police brutality. People feel the need to do something. And now we have the forum to do something. A bigger platform.”

Kerr of course has been an extremely vocal critic of Donald Trump throughout his presidency. Earlier this week, Kerr weighed in on how Trump canceled the Philadelphia Eagles’ planned visit to the White House this week at the last minute, among other political issues.

Both James and Stephen Curry have stated neither team would visit the White House to celebrate a title. And odds are Trump would be unlikely to extend an invitation in the first place, given the current toxic climate that exists with Trump and the world of sports.