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Titans bonding by playing real-life version of Fortnite

The Tennessee Titans have found an interesting way to build team camaraderie that involves bringing the smash survival video game Fortnite into the real world.

Dubbed, Titan Games, the team-bonding exercise started a few weeks ago and ends when minicamp ends on June 14. It involves two-player teams — one from the offense and one from defense — pairing up while armed with NERF swords in a quest to take the souls of their fellow teammates.

There are rules, however. No souls can be taken at the team facility and on practice days, the curfew is 7:30 while on non-practice days players can take part in Titan Games until midnight. Being always armed with a NERF sword is a must, otherwise a player is easy pickings.

“It’s called tagging, not killing, it’s 2018 — that could be a trigger for some people,” Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan explained, via ESPN. “You have to have video evidence of you tagging someone with a sword. Once that person is tagged, they are out. The winner gets a prize at the end. So far it’s gone well, lost some guys out there. I’m still alive for now, and I’m very happy to be alive.”

Titans head coach Mike Vrabel, perhaps surprisingly, approved of the game when approached about it.

“We thought it’d be a good opportunity for our players to get to know each other,” Vrabel said. “They seem to be having fun with it and being safe with it at the same time. It gives us a break away from football. This is hard. I get it. We ask a lot of them. Hopefully we can find some time to have some fun in and around all the coaching.”

While a prize will be given out when Titan Games concludes later this month, bragging rights seem to be the biggest draw.

“The endgame is when we take all of the souls, one-by-one,” Titans linebacker Will Compton said of he and teammate Lewan. “We will win. No mercy.”