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Malcolm Jenkins uses only hand-written signs to react to White House snub (vid)

Malcolm Jenkins on Wednesday reacted to President Donald Trump abruptly deciding to call off Tuesday’s White House ceremony during which the Philadelphia Eagles were supposed to be honored for their Super Bowl LII victory.

However, Jenkins — one of the most outspoken players on the Eagles roster — opted for a unique method to deliver his message as opposed to speaking.

When the media approached the Eagles safety at his locker, Jenkins displayed a series of hand-written signs instead of talking. The first sign featured the message, “You aren’t listening” and was followed by ones featuring numerous facts and figures that presumably inspire Jenkins’ passionate approach to social justice causes.

Jenkins’ remarkably original approach to a session with reporters followed a passionate statement issued on Twitter on Tuesday in which the 30-year-old reacted to Trump’s snub of the team in a more traditional manner.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson on Wednesday also addressed the White House situation, saying of the controversy in part, “It’s over. It’s behind us. We’re moving on.”

Reports surfacing in the wake of Trump’s last-minute announcement Monday evening lends to the suspicion that the President canceled the event after it appeared the Eagles would only be sending a small contingent to the White House. In fact, a statement issued Tuesday by the White House placed all the blame on the Eagles for the sudden cancellation, accusing the team of abandoning their fans.

But leave it Jenkins to respond in such a provocative and powerful manner.