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Doug Pederson on White House situation: ‘It’s over … we’re moving on’

Doug Pederson on Wednesday morning addressed the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump abruptly calling off Tuesday’s scheduled ceremony honoring the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl LII victory at the White House. And from the sound of it, Pederson is eager to put the situation in the past.

“It’s over,” Pederson said from NovaCare Complex ahead of Wednesday’s OTA session, via “It’s behind us. We’re moving on.”

As the fallout from the uncomfortable and polarizing situation plays out into a second day, Pederson did admit personally being excited to visit the White House.

“I was looking forward to going down,” Pederson said. “We did something last season that was really special. A milestone in Philadelphia. I was looking forward to going down and being recognized as world champions. It is what it is.”

Reports surfacing in the wake of Trump’s last-minute announcement Monday evening lend to the belief the President canceled the event after it appeared the Eagles would only be sending a small contingent to the White House. In fact, a statement issued Tuesday by the White House placed all the blame on the Eagles for the sudden cancellation, going so far as accusing the team of abandoning their fans.

Pederson downplayed that angle.

“We have the greatest fans in the National Football League,” Pederson said. “Our true fans are beside us. We’re beside them.”

Instead of the ceremony celebrating the Eagles, Trump held a “Celebration of America” event in which the national anthem was highlighted. Pederson once again stressed it would have been nice it things had played out as originally planned.

“You win a world championship or NCAA title or anything, you want to be recognized that way,” Pederson said. “I think it’s great. I’m not going to speak for other teams. I was looking forward to it.”

The controversy surrounding the situation not surprisingly sparked conversation well beyond NFL circles, including a few NBA superstar athletes weighing in on the controversy. Even in the typical 24-hour news cycle, expect debate about the fallout from the cancelled event to resonate in the days ahead, if not longer.